About The Team

Mission Statement & Purpose

Trinity Multisport’s primary purpose is to introduce youth to the amazing sport of triathlon and to develop a lifelong passion for the multisport lifestyle. We are founded on Christian standards and teach God’s principles throughout the season. Trinity Multisport is affiliated with FCA Endurance and our training is focused on physical and mental aspects of the sport of triathlon while maintaining a spiritual outlook throughout our daily lives.

We are primarily a summer program, based in College Station, TX, that develops an overall athletic foundation for our youth athletes. It is this foundation that will allow these athletes to excel in endurance sports through adolescence and beyond. As these athletes progress through our programs, their skills and fitness are developed to prepare for the highest level of our sport; ITU racing.

Coaching Staff

Louie Migliaccio

Louie MigliaccioLouie is a firm believer that the sport of triathlon will ultimately change lives by creating a lifestyle of fitness for your participants and their families. As one of 15 USAT Certified Level II Elite Coaches in Texas, his primary focus is developing athletes for the Olympic bound discipline of the sport; Draft Legal Triathlon.

Louie received a Bachelors of Science in Bio-Medical Science from Texas A&M University. During his collegiate years, he was a competitive bodybuilder and assisted fellow bodybuilders by teaching sport physiology and nutrition to increase performance. Louie’s first exposure to triathlon was in 2003 as a participant in the Martindale Triathlon – a canoe, bike, and run race. Following the race, he became an avid cyclist and completed many long distance road rides.
As father of four, Louie was first exposed to youth triathlons through his children and experienced first hand the excitement of training, coaching, and sense of accomplishment that triathlon brings to youth athletes.
It was these experiences that ignited a passion for youth triathlon and created the desire to start a competitive youth triathlon team in the Brazos Valley. Triathlon is a challenging individual sport; however, comprehensive youth training is best conducted in a team setting.
The future of Triathlon is exciting to say the least, USAT is now focusing on developing youth and junior athletes in preparation for the Olympics and World Competitions, as well as triathlon is now a NCAA sport. These developments have created a need for talented youth athletes working in a team environment and it is his desire to develop youth athletes to compete at this level.
Louie is a firm believer that the sport of triathlon will change lives by ultimately creating a lifestyle of fitness for youth participants and their families. Observing these inspiring youth athletes will positively effect their families in numerous ways.

Louie is an approved Huddle Leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a USAT Level II Elite Certified Coach, a USAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach, and a USAT Certified Race Director.

Clayton Cruthirds

Clayton has played almost every sport under the sun (lacrosse, soccer, water polo, etc.) but primarily focused on swimming from age five to the end of high school. Thanks to his strong swimming background he got into triathlon in 2012 as an undergrad at the University of Missouri. After completing his first sprint he was hooked. Many bikes and degrees later has landed him in College Station as a PhD student in Exercise Physiology who competes with Texas A&M’s triathlon team. His varied competition background has allowed him to experience coaching at all levels. He coached lacrosse and water polo for many years but all are second to his swim coach experience (10+ years), during which he has coached ages 5 to 25.

PRs: Sprint: 1:02 Olympic: 2:16 70.3: 5:29

Tyler Jones

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Assistant Coaches - Texas A&M Triathlon Team

TAMU Tri Logo We have numerous Collegiate Triathletes from Texas A&M that assist in training. Many of these talented athletes have extensive backgrounds in swimming, cycling, and running. They are an inspiration as role models and are wonderful with our young athletes. We are blessed to have this talent in close proximity to our team.